Help and FAQs

UnelmaPay is your e-currency, e-wallet and online payment gateway platform. A digital wallet for an instant, secure and hassle-free online payments. With UnelmaPay, you can make top-up, utility payments, and increase your online sales. 
We were called "e-khalti" previously but now we are rebarding ourselves as UnelmaPay
so yes, we have many different videos please check some of these from here:
To verify your account, you must send your Id card. This is also called as KYC (Know-Your-Customer), so please confirm your account before you start to use
UnelmaPay makes it easy for you to create your digital wallet and it is similar to PayPal whereby you can integrate with your online business to receive payments. We do not charge hefty commission fee like other payment gateways so feel free to contact us for merchant integration.
We are currently working on connecting PayPal and Facebook with our platform. Once we make some progress on this front, we would be happy to inform our valued users about this update. We suggest if you are from Nepal, then please use because is accepted in Nepal's #1 social networking site. 
Yes, we do. But first, you need to verify your identity by sending us your ID / Passport And then you may be able to transfer through PayPal or SWIFT or Perfect Money. Right now we are currently working on a few other Payment gateways which will take some time before we roll out that feature. Also sending money outside of Nepal is restricted by the central bank so please find more information from NRB website.  However, you may send money to Nepal as you desire through 
In case if you forget your password, then you should click on forget the password, after that you should put your email account. Then check your mail you already get your temporary password. Sometimes merely check in your Spam/Junk folder and mark it as "Not Spam" which will also move to your Inbox. This happens because of the Google Spam filter which uses AI to learn more about email deliverability and marks junk/spam for a few months. 
After logging in look at the top and you will see your balance. Check in your "Available balance" section.
First, you have to Log In, then go to the account setting where you can change your password by just filling two empty boxes.
Some of our customers say that we are emerging online payment gateway platform, so uPay or UnelmaPay is focused on making online digital wallet not just in Nepal but around the world whereas we integrate with major international payment providers such as PayPal, Payeer, advCash, Perfect Money, and local or foreign banks.